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How to Kill Pigeons and Birds - Is Poison the Answer?

How To Kill Birds - Dealing with bird problems is something that has long been a challenge for people, whether they are in charge of a commercial or public building or trying to protect their own home from the damage caused by birds. There are a variety of different ways that people can use to kill birds, but each one can have its own problems, and there are also several problems that need to be dealt with once the bird has been killed. Handling or dealing with birds can be dangerous, so make sure you wear all of the necessary protective clothing, and have all of the equipment you will need to deal with the carcass of the birds ready.

Lethal Traps

There are a range of different types of traps that can be used to kill birds, and those birds such as pigeons that walk on a roof line or window sill can be particularly vulnerable to the noose trap. This type of trap can be baited with bird seed, and there is a noose that will then tighten around the neck of the bird preventing them from escaping, but the main problem with this is that it can take some time to kill the bird, and it is quite difficult to set up. Another approach that has been used is to spread birdlime on the area where the birds are present, which will then hold the bird in place and prevent them from flying away, but this type of trap can also take a long time to kill the animal.


There is a long tradition of hunting birds, and as most pest birds are found among the roof line and in higher areas, it is worth noting that hunting with guns is illegal in many built up urban areas. In rural areas, this can be an useful way of killing birds, but even an experienced hunter will need to be patient, and will need to be a good shot in order to kill smaller birds with a gun. In many cases, hunting dogs can be trained to return the carcass, which can save time when it comes to locating the dead bird.

There have also been examples where smaller pest birds have been hunted using trained predators such as falcons to deal with a pigeon problem, which is particularly useful in open spaces such as sports stadiums or public squares, where other options aren't practical.

Avicide Poison

Avicides are a type of poison that specifically target pest birds, but because of their toxic nature, and the fact that they will kill almost any animal that comes into contact with the poison, they are highly restricted. They can only be used when dealing with house sparrows, European starlings and pigeons, and you will need to check with your local animal welfare department to see if the use of avicides is legal in your area.

Problems With Using Lethal Means To Deal With A Bird Problem

One of the biggest issues with dealing with a bird problem through lethal means is that you will usually have to deal with the carcass of the bird afterward, otherwise it can attract other pest animals if it is left to decay. Birds also carry a variety of parasites and diseases, and exposing yourself to these conditions is certainly not a good idea. If you do choose to follow this route, ensure you have appropriate containers in which to carry the carcasses, and the right protective equipment to make sure that you aren't exposed to any of the diseases carried by the birds.

Alternative Methods Of Dealing With Pest Birds

If you are having problems with birds, and want to avoid the dirty work of dealing with bird carcasses, then looking at bird exclusion measures can often be just as successful. Anti bird netting is one tool that can be used to keep pest birds away from a property, or to stop the birds from roosting in the rafters of a large building, and once installed this can be successful in preventing the birds from getting to the problem area. If you are having problems with birds along the ridge of a roof or on a windowsill, installing bird spikes on those surfaces to stop them landing and roosting there can also be a successful measure in some cases.

Cleaning And Repairs

Once you have dealt with the bird problem, you may also have to look at cleaning and repairing the area where they have been causing the problem. If this is in a confined area or there are a lot of bird droppings, you should look to wear a breathing mask and goggles to ensure no droppings are inhaled or get into your eyes. Any droppings or bird carcasses should be taken in a sealed container, or a double bagged garbage liner, and then disposed of safely so that nobody else is exposed.

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