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How to Kill Squirrels - Is Poison the Answer?

How To Kill Squirrels - Disney has long used squirrels as inspiration for its animal characters, and with their fluffy tails and bright eyes, but the reality is that just like any other pest animal, squirrels can cause a whole lot of problems when they start to get in the wrong places. Their natural ability to scamper away up the nearest tree at the first sign of trouble also makes them difficult to catch and get rid of at close quarters, so many people will look for other alternatives. Killing squirrels is certainly not a pleasant job, and not one that you should try unless you are confident you can deal with the consequences, but it is certainly one way to try and solve a squirrel problem.

The Difficulties You Will Encounter Killing Squirrels

There are many reasons why people will try to avoid killing squirrels where possible, and one of these is the issues that come with dealing with squirrel carcasses. Another reason for people to look for alternatives to killing squirrels is that if the squirrel does get away and is injured, or dies away from where you tried to kill the animal, then it can be difficult to find the carcass, which will then attract other animals to the area. You should also check up on the regulations in your local area, as there are many places where there are restrictions on killing or culling wild animals, and some states will also insist that only professionals carry out this kind of work.

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Hunting The Squirrels

Before taking your rifle out to try and kill squirrels, make sure it is legal for you to be shooting animals, as especially in urban or suburban areas there will be regulations about discharging firearms. The best way to kill most animals is with a clean shot through the head, but with squirrels being quite small this is often quite challenging, so it is important that you should be a good shot before you choose this approach to killing squirrels. Because they are naturally nervous creatures, you will often have to wait for quite some time before you can actually spot the animals coming from the trees.

Poisoning Squirrels

This is one of the worst ways to actually deal with any pest problem, and the dangers that come with using poison range from harming an entire food chain through to hurting domestic pets and children who gain access to the poison. The chemicals used in poison have to be used very carefully, and it is very difficult to ensure that the poison only comes into the paws of the squirrel. The other difficulty with using this approach is that it is very difficult for you to locate the carcass before it starts to smell, and this means that it may well draw predators or scavengers.

Lethal Traps

There are a number of different traps that you can use to catch and kill squirrels, but looking for the right kind of traps that can be placed out of the way of other animals is certainly a good idea. There are tunnel traps that need to be baited with nuts or other food and can then be placed near entry holes in attics and loft spaces, while there are also traps that can be mounted on a tree trunk that are also lethal, with both types of trap featuring a quick snap mechanism. You can also use cage traps containing a lethal snap mechanism, and this will also be useful in killing these pest animals, and the cage makes it easier to identify if the trap has been successful.

Dealing With Squirrel Carcasses

Squirrels can carry diseases and parasites much like any other animal, so it is important to treat the carcasses with care to ensure that you don't catch any diseases when handling or disposing of the carcasses. Firstly, make sure that you are wearing long sleeved clothing and gloves, as these dead squirrels may still be home to fleas and ticks that will jump on to any new potential host, and these can transmit plenty of diseases. You should also check whether or not there are regulations about the disposal of bodies in your area, and if there are no specific requirements, double bag the carcass in garbage bags, and place it out for your next collection.

Alternative Methods Of Dealing With A Squirrel Problem

The real issue with killing squirrels is that in the vast majority of situations, it isn't really necessary as there are plenty of ways to solve a squirrel problem. One of the most common situations when squirrels come into conflict with people is when they move into attics or loft spaces. Killing squirrels in this situation might be one approach, but a much better resolution is to exclude the squirrels using a funnel, and then to seal the space so the animals can't return into the attic.

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