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How to Kill Pigeons - Can It Be Done Humanely

Can You Poison Pigeons? - If you have a problem with pigeons you may get to the point where you may want to poison them. While it is understandable, the question “can you poison pigeons?” is misplaced. Yes you can poison pigeons, but there are negatives to doing so. There could be a domesticated animal that finds a dead pigeon and it can consume it just to get sick afterwards. If the poison is given indoors, then there is also a chance that they will die somewhere difficult to reach. That can end up with a horrible smell throughout the house. That is not a great result for trying to rid your premises of pigeons. There are other solutions to get rid of pigeons which may not answer the question “can you poison pigeons?” but that do help you get the pigeons out of your property. If they are outside, then you can use spikes or decoys, with better results from the former. If they have already made their way into your home, then you can use traps or bait them out. You may still want to use the poison despite the warnings. If you decide to go this route it is advised that you make sure it is legal in the state you are in. The uncontrollable nature of where a poisoned pigeon winds up makes some states ban its use.

What if I don't want to kill pigeons? What are some humane pigeon removal methods? - Pigeons can be a real pest, as they make a lot of mess and they are hard to remove from properties. Still, if you want to get rid of them and not hurt them, you can appeal to some humane pigeon removal methods. For instance, you can install bird netting or spikes or needle tracks that do not cause any harm to the birds, but keep them away from landing on your property. Pigeons like to land on smooth surfaces and, when they do not encounter them in their path, they can be forced to move to another place. Besides netting and spikes, there are other humane pigeon removal methods you can employ. For instance, you can appeal to bird wire mechanisms, and shock tracks that give a small electric pulse each time they are touched by the birds. If this may look a bit harmful, they are nothing compared to poison, that leads to the certain death of at least a few of the pigeon population, often is illegal and can damage other wildlife as well. Some people will attempt to trap and remove the birds though this isn’t always affective because they will come back to their favorite roosting place and can travel miles. Finally, if they are getting into buildings you’ll do best to cover any entrances they are using to get in with metal netting or wire mesh.

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