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What is the best bait to trap a rat?

Choosing the right bait, while you are trying to trap a rat, can be a bit tricky, and it requires some skill and knowledge. While you are choosing the type of bait you want to use, you should consider several important points. First things first, the bait simply needs to be appealing to rats enough so that they feel tempted to bite it and enter the trap. If you choose a wrong type of bait, rats might not be attracted to it at all, and that will make your traps completely useless. Choosing the type of bait you want to use should be based primarily on whether or not it is appealing to rats.

The second thing you need to pay attention to is that you don't use those types of baits that could be appealing to other animal species, and attract them to your home. These would be birds, dogs, cats, opossums, raccoons, or other animals. The last thing you want to do is to lure other animals into a rat trap, particularly if it's yours or your neighbor’s pat. so, while you are choosing the right bait for your trap, keep in mind that you want the food that will only be appealing to rats. Now, which types of ingredients you want to choose? Let’s look into a few facts you need to consider first.

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While you're considering the right ingredients for your bait, keep in mind that rats are omnivores and that they will be attracted to all types of foods. But, what to use to avoid trapping other animal species? Well, you should definitely avoid ingredients like meat, dairy, including cheese, and seeds. You are left to choose between bread, grains, sawdust, even fruit and vegetables to use as your bait. Bred might be the most appropriate type of bait to use, as it will attract rats, but not other animals. What other foods, besides bred you can use? You can also try with fruit and vegetables, but make sure you opt in for those types of food that don't have a scent or taste to them that is too strong or sower. Rats are not going to be attracted to these types of foods. Remember, food ingredients with strong scents, like peppers, onions and citruses are believed to repel rats, and they are usually used to create homemade rat repellents.

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