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Will a rat in the attic have a nest of babies?

The reason why rat infestations are so dangerous and hard to treat is because rats reproduce quickly and all-year-around. Two rats can easily turn into two hundred within few months, because of the way their species reproduces. Rats normally come in heat once or twice a week, and they can get pregnant during the entire year. Baby rats will reach sexual maturity within few weeks after they are born, and the cycle will continue. Rats don’t recognize incest, and they will breed amongst their parents and siblings. This quality in rats is exactly what makes it so urgent to react properly to a rat infestation. Yes, once rats occupy your attic, they will breed and have babies in large numbers, and the count of rats in your attic will simply not going to stop growing.

In fact, a lot of the time home rat infestations become so serious that owners need to move temporarily, until the house is rat-free and disinfected, and even pay a substantial amount of money to fix the damage that rats have caused. Often, the damage that remains behind these types of infestations is so great, that the property is barely worth fixing, so the owners decide to move away permanently. In general, all pest infestations are a very serious problem, but with rats it becomes even more serious because of the fact they procreate so fast. Having only a couple of rats in your home is alarming, and a signal for you to take the matter seriously.

When it comes to rat infestations in the attic, one of the dangers is that the critters will chew through infrastructure of the ceiling causing it to crash, or bite wire installations, which can all lead to substantial material damage and physical danger. Once a few rats move into your attic, count on them having babies within 22 days, and that is if the female is not already pregnant. The gestation period in rats lasts somewhat between 22 and 28 days, and the next generation of rats will give birth in about a month. This means that removing these rats from your home is an urgent matter for you, to say the least. Sadly, the most effective ways of removing rats are not the humane ones, and you can choose between rat poison, death traps or hiring a professional service to do this for you.

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