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How to get rats out of the attic

Rats can find their way into an attic and infest an entire home in a relatively short amount of time. Signs that you may be having a rat infestation in your attic include hearing noises and scratching coming from your attic, as well as finding rat feces in your home. After you discover that your home has been infested with rats, you have several possible options to try to get them out. Some of the ways to do it is by using rat poison and kill the rats, to try and trap the rats, or to try to remove them. However, in order for any option you choose to work, you must identify places within your attic that rats have used to get in in the first place.

You will need to inspect your home carefully and identify as many entry points as possible. Any hole or gap in your attic or roof that is over an inch wide is a possible entry point that rats can use. If you haven’t managed to confirm that rats in your attacked haven’t nested and had babies, you shouldn’t begin closing these gaps. If rats are not able to reach their babies, they will most likely die and start decaying in your home.

Once you have prepared to start dealing with rats, there are several options available to remove rats. By far, the most effective way to get rid of rats is killing them. You can choose to use rat poison, rat traps or even to shoot the animal. Using rat poison to kill rats is very risky for a household, and can be less effective in removing rats. Deadly traps you set up on your attic might work well; however, they are also not absolutely effective, as intelligent rats could manage to steal the bait from the trap without activating. Another way to get rid of rats is to kill them on your own, using blunt or fire weapons. However, this method is also risky for you.

Besides many ways to kill a rat, you can decide to call a professional service to exterminate rats from your home as well as to use extraction funnels. The option you choose should be the result of the number of rats you’ve identified, as well as whether or not you managed to confirm that rats haven’t nested in your attic. Whichever option you decide to go for, you will need to pay special attention to fill in all the holes and gaps in your roof and walls, remove any food or trash that rats might be attracted to, as well as to disinfect your home after the rats have been exterminated.

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