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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - How to get rid of rats in the attic

How to get rid of rats in the attic

You have discovered rats nesting in your attic. You must take steps to be rid of them. They cause extreme amounts of damage with their chewing, noises and piles of droppings. They live in large communities, reproduce at an alarming rate.

To get rid rats in the attic, you first need to Find out how the rats are getting in. Rats tubular bodies allow them to fit through a space as small as 3/8 inch wide so don’t overlook any fissure or crack! Inspect your entire roof structure, the ridge row and all eaves. Learn how to spot the signs of a rat. Rat entry holes will have a large concentration of black greasy residue around them as well as rice shaped feces.

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Once you have found the entrances, you must decide their fate. If you decide to kill them, what will you use, and what do you do with the bodies? If you force them out, can you keep them out, and where would move to?

If you decided to kill them, You could block all the holes to the attic and spray poisons. Snap traps catch them one at a time, but are effective. Both these methods leave you with carcasses to clear. If you just want them to leave, Exclusion tunnels are logical choice. They are even easy for you make and install, with just a few simple tools and inexpensive materials. You place the large end of the funnel over a hole the rats use regularly. Exclusion funnels allow the rat to exit through its hole to the outside, but not be able to get back in. You can also attach a cage to the funnel allowing you to trap the rats en masse, as they leave.

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There are sonic emitters on the market that claim to drive the creatures away with a high pitch noise that causes them discomfort. This is an effective way to force the rats to go elsewhere. Placing live traps throughout the attic space is another method. It is almost impossible to tell if you have trapped all the vermin with this method, and you can only catch one at a time with this method. After you are sure all the rat s has exited, make sure to seal up all the holes.

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