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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Coyote Repellents

Coyote Repellents

Coyotes are animals which feed on everything they can find. They can quickly adapt to various environments because they are not picky when it comes to what they should eat. When hungry coyote can end up attacking your small pets, livestock and on some rare occasions, even attack humans. They usually attack when there is a food shortage in their habitat areas.

People who live in areas where coyotes are common have no issues unless they have livestock. It is because the creatures tend to stay away from humans. If you have one on your property, you should take precautions to prevent them from coming near your pets or family. There are different ways you could use to repel coyotes from your compound. The solutions are highly efficient and make it easy to get rid of the animal.

Use Lights and Noise
Ensure your property has plenty of lights especially if you have pets or livestock around. Coyotes will always stay away when they feel like they have no cover. An efficient, cost-effective method is to install motion sensor light devices around the yard. Motion sensors switch the lights automatically when the animal accidentally bangs on something. Loud noises will also send them away. Like humans, they get scared when they are surprised. However, some deterrents do not work efficiently if the animal is hungry enough. Therefore the best solution is to keep your pets indoors. Also, take measures to strength structures housing the livestock. Make the impenetrable to the coyotes.

Fences are also used to repel coyotes. They are one of the few things that can ultimately keep them off the compound in the long term. You should not use a regular fence since these creatures are very cunning and smart, finding ways to get around the fence. There are some things you should consider while installing the barrier. First, it should be five feet high to prevent it from climbing. They have powerful front paws that allow them to climb and back limbs which enable them to push all the way up. Secondly, it should be up to eight inches under the ground.

Eliminate Food Sources
Another way to get rid of these animals is the removal of ready food source. Coyote will always visit your compound if there is a continuous food source. Avoid letting your small pets or their food leftovers outside. In addition, remove woodpiles, keep your bushes trimmed and remove bird feeders. Clean your garden eliminating seeds and fruits that fall from trees. Finally, keep trash cans tightly sealed to stop the animal from knocking them down.

Odor Repellents
You can also use odor to get rid of coyotes. Commonly used repellents are mothballs, wolf urine or ammonia-soaked rags. Place them in the compound to keep the animals from invading. In addition, use them near trash cans to dampen the smell of food. However, you might have to reapply the odor repellents from time to time. Even so, they may not work efficiently.

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