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Do rodents eat insects?

The family of rodents includes mice, rats, guinea pigs, gophers, prairie dogs, and quite a few more creatures. Although most rodents prefer seeds, grain, fruits, and veggies, almost all rodents are opportunists and will eat what is available if they are hungry. As a rule, most rodents are omnivores. They present a serious problem to farmers because they come with a voracious appetite, and consume a wide range of agricultural crops

A rodent’s diet typically includes grains, nuts, seeds, and fruit. They also enjoy stems, bark, leaves, and fungi. If rodents are hungry, they will eat insects, amphibians, and both invertebrates and vertebrates. They are will generally feed on anything being that is consumed by the other inhabitants of their space. They are happy to share a meal with you, your pets, or your livestock. The average size adult rodent will eat about 15 grams up to 1 pound of food per day and drink at least a ½ ounce of water or more. Their eating habits often make them a threat to the surrounding habitats because their tendency to feed on birds, insects, and their eggs. This can endanger the natural environment.

They are a threat to agriculture, because they feed on such a variety of crops, such as grains, corn, nuts, and fruits. Most rodents are extremely social, breed prolifically, and like to live in large groups, preferably in areas by other animals. This assures them a close proximity to food and water. Garbage dumps, refuse piles, and buildings (whether abandoned or not) are favorite nesting areas for rodents because of the safe shelter as well as fertile feeding grounds. Rodents also have the need to chew contently because of their ever-growing teeth, which may attribute to their voracious appetites. Often if rodents are unable to find a source of food, they will begin to prey upon the bodies of their weaker pack members. Sometimes they will even kill the weak in order to feed.

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