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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - The Black Racer Snake

The Black Racer Snake

The black tracer snake is also referred to as the Coluber constrictor Priapus. It is a very common type of snake that is nonvenomous within the southern parts of United States. The main characteristic of this subspecies is the fact that it is quite active in the daytime. The constrictor name given to the snake is rather a misnomer. However, the snake does share some characteristics with constrictors and there are very few behavior patterns that give it the name. The snake doesn’t coil around the prey so s to suffocate them.

It physical appearance includes a dorsal side that is black, a belly which is grey and a him that is white in color. The snakes are active in the day too and this is what they are fast paced.

Black racers are considered as being colorblind. The snakes can reach up to fifty five inches in their length when they become adults. There are some that can go up to 70 inches. The racer sheds its skin once in a year.

This is a snake that resides mainly in the southern parts of United States and it is also called the black racer, the black runner , the blue runner or the blue racer. It lives in areas that are well wooded and therefore includes areas that are forested, the fields, big gardens, fields, thickets and brushes. In suburban yards, they can thrive within the bigger gardens.

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The black racer has the ability to vibrate the tail within thick grass and the resulting sound is much similar to that made by the rattle snake. The black racers are therefore fond of hunting and resting in areas that are heavily grassed. The snakes can also be found in kink position when in wooded or grassy areas. This is a technique that occurs when the racer is resting or sleeping so as to scare away predators.

The behaviors of the black racer are unique. The snake can swim and climb and it is able to move at very high speed and that is why it got the name racer. It is nonvenomous but it can bite if it feels cornered. The black racer may opt to run instead of fight but at times it can pursue prey.

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The snake eats animals which are much smaller than it is and this includes frogs, rodents, lizards, smaller snakes, birds, moles and insects. The snake crushes the prey to the ground instead of suffocating it by coiling around it.

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