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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Do snakes come out in the rain?

Do snakes come out in the rain?

The snakes are normally cold-blooded and it means that they like to come out when it is warm so that they may sun themselves. They do like to stay on the sunny side of the little rock, rock wall or cliff edge. The snakes may also be near the water when they are found in the dry environment. If you are in the place where you have seep or spring in a dry area, you have to keep the extra eye out. For the people who are staying in the groomed trails, they have to look ahead of the snake which may be crossing the trial and to give them a wide berth when it starts to slither away.

When the rain comes, there are many things that may start to surface. This is because the rain may tend to bring out the snake. The rain is favorable for the snake activity and it has been the best rainfall in the entire ecosystem and it gets ticking over a higher level. The wet spring does promote the breeding activities and this increases the food availability for snakes. The pre-summer means that it is possible to have a mini-boom in the number of the animals that the snake eats like the small birds or mammals. Besides, the warm weather may also contribute to the snake sightings. As the time moves to be dry, warm and lovely, the snake sighting is going to increase as the snake will be basking in the sunny area too much. This is the time that the humans will also be active and they will be spending time in bushwalks, gardens and outdoors which increases the chances of snake sighting even more.

In spring, it is the time that the sighting will be higher since the snakes may be seen while crossing the trails or the roads. In the cold period, the snake does hibernate and also in the spring after the hibernation, they start to disperse in the territories to start the breeding period. In fall, they will go back to the hibernaculum. When the snakes are on the go, they may not be able to hide and they are easy to spot.

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