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Do snakes always inject venom when they bite?

Snake will not always inject the venom in the victim’s body by the use of the hollow fangs even if this is the misconception. The true is that most of the time, the venomous reptiles and the snake do not have the hollow fangs. Physicists have now found the way that such animals are able to force the venom under the skin of the victims. Dry bite is the bite of venomous snake but it does not include the venom while being released. The Dry snake bite is called the venomous snake bite but without the envenoming. The dry bite may take place with all snakes but the frequency will depend on different species.

Most of the time, the dry bite may be confusing by the victim and the physician. The phenomenon may be exploited by the fake doctors to show as evidence for effectiveness of supposed cure. The problem that may be associated with the dry bites is that they are matter of certain bites that can be venomous or dry. There are some snakes that may be hard to control the venom that they have injected and this means that it is hard to predict if the bite is venomous or not.

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Some venomous snakes such as the rattlesnake may rely on the tricks of using the hollow fangs; they are vast majority that had developed this system. There are some that use twin fangs, and it punches the holes in the skin of the victims. The venom may flow in the wound between the tissue and the teeth. However, there is another simple way which is to use the groove found under venom flows so that the venom may enter into the wound.

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When the snake bites, the muscle will force the venom from the storage glands using the duct of the hollow fang. There are tiny holes on the end of the fangs and they will eject venom in the prey directly. There are some snake fangs that are found at the back of the mouths and these fangs are not that hollow. The small grooves inside of a fang can direct the venom in the wound that was caused by the bites.

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