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What attracts snakes?

During spring time as well as fall, the temperature around are just snake perfect and you may see them as they move about in the day. This is because the weather at this time is neither too hot nor too cold. It is just right for the crawling creatures. In the summer time, you are more likely to encounters snakes during the night or the early morning but most probably they will be in a dark place that is cool all through the day. Most snakes are non-venomous and they avoid contact with humans at all costs. However, they can still give you a great scare if you are unaware of their presence. So as to avoid any kind of trouble with them, it is important that you understand their different habits and stay away from them.

Snakes love to be in damp, cool and well protected areas. Stay away from the rocky streams and the wooded areas or any place within your property that has a cave like condition. These are areas that you should totally avoid. Keep all sorts of wood piles and debris away from the house and also screen off the crawl spaces and porches so as to make sure that snakes stay out. These are the areas that may attract snakes.

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It is important to note that watering also attracts snakes. If you have a garden and lawn that is well irrigated, you may attract rodents, birds, lizards and frogs and these may in turn be an attraction to snakes. The watered and mulched areas offer a very cool shelter for the snakes especially in summer time so be very careful as you work or walk in such areas.

Rodents are also a main snake attractor. To be able to keep snakes away, you will have to make sure that you control the rodent population within your property. Snakes feed on birds, small reptiles as well as rodents. Keep nesting boxes and bird feeders far away from your house and eliminate any rodent population in and around the home.

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Shaded areas and cool areas attract snakes especially when it is hot outside. They will be found beneath the wood piles or debris in your compound or under the car. Clearing your home is one way of eliminating a snake problem.

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