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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - How do snakes kill their prey?

How do snakes kill their prey?

Snakes are venomous, but poison is only used for protection it doesn’t satisfies their hunger. For dealing with its hunger a snake has to capture, kill and eat its prey. Different species of snakes have their own ways of killing and eating the prey, but for finding a proper answer to the question that How do snakes kill their prey we will have to put a detail look at different methods that are used for eating the prey. Three main methods are used in this regard by snakes and in this section we will be focusing on each one of them.

Constricting prey to death and eating it afterwards

Snakes are popular constrictors and this quality is used by them on large scale for killing their prey. This is the method which is most commonly used for killing prey is the most common one. Snake will seize the prey with its mouth, throws coil around it and starts constriction. When prey will exhale, snake will tighten coils for prevention of inhaling. This goes on till the prey meets its end. When they heart of prey stops beating snakes starts the procedure of eating.

Envenoming prey

Final method that is used by snakes for subduing prey is the popular envenomation technique. Snake will bite through the skin of prey and this will inject saliva into the wound. Venom containing saliva will promote deadly reactions inside the body of animal which will lead to its death. Because of this reason it is always suggested by experts that efforts should be made for keeping away venomous snakes as they can inflict serious kind of harm. Without proper training you should never keep snakes as pets because in these situations a single mistake can take away your life.

Eating prey alive

This is another method which is used by snakes and it can be termed as effective. These snakes simply overpower their victims and start a complicated procedure to swallow it alive. There are hundreds of curved teeth present in snakes along with this their body is fully capable of digesting even prey that is bigger in size. The most dangerous aspect is that once a prey will get into the grip of snake it is almost impossible for it to escape from swallowing. The unfortunate victim will be eaten alive by the animal and the sight can’t be beard by everyone because it’s disturbing.

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