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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Do rats chew on wires?

Do rats chew on wires?

Rats are always a major problem in your house because of their capacity to bring extensive damage to different parts of the house. The complications which are associated with the presence of rats cover a wide range of areas and it is best that one should make efforts for understanding the behavior of these animals because this strategy helps a lot in adopting proper procedures for their eradication from a building. The point is simple to understand here you can only get rid of rats or can save your belongings from them when you will have enough information related with their behavior and other living patterns.

The question is commonly asked that do rats chew on wires. The answer is certainly yes and there have been many cases reported where fire outbreaks resulted because of rats chewing wires. Therefore, the issue can never be taken lightly because it’s really dangerous. The basic point is that rats are rodents and like all rodents they gnaw and this happens because teeth of rats grow in a continuous fashion. Normally rats chew wires or gnaw because of they have to avoid overgrowth of teeth and in all cases for staying active and healthy. They can gnaw different things, but apparently they seem to be more attracted towards electrical wires. The problem is that current gets exposed in this manner and in the region of attic wooden beams get heated and this improves hazards related with fire. Estimates carried out in this regard show that half of the number of fires which had unknown causes were actually because of rodents chewing electrical wires.

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Another issue related with this problem is that electrical shots also result. We suggest that if you notice that there are problems related with electrical appliances or heavy noise is coming from attic then chances are very high that a big rodent most probably rat has entered into your attic and now it’s chewing electrical wires causing different kinds of problems. A rat infestation will lead to damage of electrical wires in many cases so it is best that one should take proper steps on time for getting avoiding damage.

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Rats are known to be nocturnal so most of the times chewing activity will take place during night so you will not notice in most of the cases. However, the right strategy is to use traps and shut down all entry points for stopping rats.

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