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How do you remove a rat stuck in a dumpster

Not keeping the lids of a dumpster and garbage cans closed can give enough chance for a rat to move into such, in search of food. The fact that there are no steps to take to and from dumpster means that a rat may get stuck inside for several days or months. If you really want to get a rat out of a dumpster, you may need to call a wildlife control center or better still you may have to do it yourself but in a careful way.

Throwing down your dumpster is not a way to get rid of a stuck rat, the reason being that the animal may escape from the dumpster and run into your home, patio, deck or garage, and that may means you have to spend more time searching for the animal again. You must not dare to remove a stuck rat from a dumpster with your bare hands, the reason being the animal may scratch or bite and then transfer some zoonotic diseases through such contacts. When you find a rat in a dumpster, there are quite a number of options you can consider;

Make sure you don’t panic or make the rat become scared, as the animal is already agitated. If you become panicky or angry, then the situation may become more chaotic.

Try to find a stick with a branch ( this can be a stick or tree branch), then look for a cardboard box, and a piece of wood, then place this inside the dumpster. The rat may eventually use the stick with a branch to climb unto the cardboard box or outside of the dumpster. You need to keep in mind that the rat will definitely need a support to help it climb out of the dumpster.

You can throw some thrash inside to fill the dumpster quickly and help the rat to climb out as soon as it can.

If the rat eventually gets out, you must report it to animal control immediately instead of killing it.

It will be a bad idea to place a trap inside a dumpster as the animal may not have interest due to its agitated and panicky state, however, you may empty the dumpster just in case you are helpless in rescuing the rat from the situation. Remember, a rat must not be allowed to stay too long in the dumpster because its carcass may cause serious odor.

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