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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What do wildlife rehabilitators do with do with rats?

What do wildlife rehabilitators do with do with rats?

Wildlife rehabilitators help to get rid of rat infestation around residential, commercial and public areas, and they can either be contacted via online search or via directories. In some cases, rehabilitators may breed rats as feed for reptiles, birds, amphibians and some other larger animals in the zoo or wild life conservation area. In some countries, it can be illegal to keep wild animals as pets and feed them directly with capture rats, however, operators of public zoos do rely on wildlife rehabilitators to help supply smaller animals like rats and mice to feed larger animals such as snakes, and some large birds.

Rodents and mice are very small and can enter stored food and contaminate them with the fecal droppings and urine, thus making them unsafe for consumption. When wild animal rehabilitators are contacted, they check every nooks and crannies of a home to detect whether rat infestation has taken place. In a situation where stray rats are found in a home, rehabilitators may evacuate the animal immediately and nurture it back to good health. Licensed rehabilitators who nurture infectious rats may provide special food formulas for the animal, and then treat it for any serious health problems such as bacteria and viral infections.

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If you stumble upon a rat around your home, it will be ideal to avoid any physical contact with the animal especially if its skin is soiled. Try and get a liter or cardboard box that and with the aid of a packer or stick, you can push the animal inside the cardboard piece until the animal rehabilitator arrive to evacuate it. In some cases, animal rehabilitators often raise collected animals such as rats in isolated areas where they can be re-integrated back into their colonies. Re-uniting stray rats back into their colonies can help them return to healthy state without any further treatment.

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Wildlife rehabilitators often re-introduce capture rats in special boxes before they are introduced into a covered area. The box may be filled with some woodland debris, and then nurtured for weeks or days until the rat is able to survive on its own. Quite an enormous work is required in the rehabilitation of an animal, and rats can be quite complicated to handle because of their high mortality rates when they are outside of their natural habitats. Animal rehabilitators may also send some rats to scientific research areas where they are used as specimens for researches.

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