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Do all raccoons have rabies?

Rabies is not the thing of a past. Each day, many people die in the world because of this disease. However, rabies is very rare in North America. Some people might think that petting and feeding infected raccoons can put the family at a high risk of exposure to the viral diseases. However, rabies transmission to people from raccoons is extremely rare. Only one known case in the history of the United States. Rabies may be transmitted to the people, but usually from dogs or bats. The disease is deadly and this is why it is considered to be serious. Another problem is that it is hard to diagnose the disease in the raccoon in active way. To be able to get the right diagnosis, the brain of the raccoon has to be tested.

It is important to learn how to protect yourself or protect the pets and you have to know how to avoid the exposure from the disease. You should be aware of the rabid raccoons and the symptoms of the diseases and the method used for prevention.

If you can be tempted to pet the cute raccoons, you have to keep in mind that regardless of how cute the raccoon may look, when it gets infected by the rabies, it becomes aggressive to the people and to the animals. The rabies is the viral disease and it affects the mammal. A virus will affect the central nervous system and it can travel from one site of a bite into the brain by the use of the nerves over at least three weeks. A patient may not be showing the signs of the disease during that period. When the disease has reached the brain, it will lead to the inflammation.

The person will start showing signs of the rabies like seizures, abnormal behavior, aggression and anxiety. When these symptoms had appeared, a disease will became fatal.

The raccoons are destructive and they are known to be among the diseases that carry the rabies. When the raccoons get rabies, they will start to be aggressive while they may also become aggressive to the pets or the humans. The right way to deal with the rabies is to vaccinate the wild raccoons but not to kill them.

People get exposed by the contact with the infected pets or infected raccoons. This is the reason why the people are required to vaccinate their pets to avoid the rabies. However, even if it is hard to know which raccoon suffers the rabies, you have to know that all raccoons do not suffer the rabies. The rabies is only transmitted when the rabid raccoons bite a human.

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