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How do I clean raccoon feces out of my attic?

Cleaning your attic after you have relocated raccoons from it is one of the most important things to do to make your home clean and safe place once again. After the raccoon family has been in your attic, they have left quite a mess there. Your attic will be full of raccoon feces and urine in large piles (as raccoons tend to use one location for their toilet needs); there will be pile of wood splinters, insulation scattered everywhere, possibly open wiring and isolation, both on the point of entry into the attic as well as around the attic itself-because adult raccoon has used whatever she found in the attic to prepare the nest.

Cleaning the attic after raccoons will be a demanding process and it has to be performed properly and in detail. Also, try to get onto this cleaning as soon as you get rid of the raccoons, to prevent any possible infection or a disease due to all the remaining dirt and residues. It is important to clean and disinfect to make sure that everything is really clean.

Before you start cleaning, it is important to take precautionary measures to make sure that raccoons will not come back. This means that you have to seal all the entry points into the attic.

Before you start cleaning make sure that you are well prepared. You have to protect yourself from residues that will be removed and during removal will turn into dust and fly around. It is best to wear disposable clothes and rubber gloves and boots are a must. It is also a good idea to put a mask over your nose and mouth during cleaning. Before you begin cleaning, spray feces and urine spots with a disinfecting solution and let it soak for 5-10 minutes. Wild animals are not the ones that can be kept as pets in homes. These are also not allowed to be entered in homes, attic, or any place where the human are to move about. This is just because of the threats and dangers which is caused by the wild animal’s presence.

When you start cleaning, open the windows to ventilate the space and remove larger pieces. Collect the feces into a disposable bag and close it before leaving it in the garbage bin.

After you finish with the cleaning of the attic, disinfect entire surface thoroughly.

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