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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What diseases do raccoons carry?

What diseases do raccoons carry?

The raccoons can be cute and they do not threaten people but they are still aggressive animals and sometime they may transfer the diseases by the use of their scratches and bites or even through the indirect contact. As the raccoons get accustomed to live in the suburbs; the risks of getting the diseases that they do carry also increases. The infectious diseases that are being carried out by the raccoons have increased and they can be transmitted to the people much easier. In case you have the children in your home, they are also at a higher risk of getting these diseases because they like to play outside and they may be in the direct contact of the feces or urine of the raccoons.

The roundworms: the raccoons can excrete the roundworm eggs in their droppings. The eggs are light and they are able to become airborne much easier. The humans are able to inhale such eggs and they may get infected. The roundworms are too dangerous and they may be fatal when they are not treated. They may affect the central nervous system and they may impair the important organs like brains. The severe cases may be coma and blindness.

Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection and they are the creatures that may get spread through the urine or droppings. The infection may be contracted by both animals and humans. When you have an open wound or cut, that get into direct contact with the raccoon urine or other secretions, you may contract such disease.

Salmonella is contracted through the feces that have the salmonella. The humans may contract the infection when they have incidental ingestion through their hands to their mouth. The bacteria sometime are dormant in the dry environment for many days and it can be activated with the favorable condition. This means that even when the raccoons have been driven outside of the home, there is still possibility of getting the disease.

Rabies is a vital disease and it is found with many species and this includes raccoons. It is important to be vigilant or alert because it can be passed on the human through scratched or a bite of a rabid raccoon. Rabies is not life threatening if it is treated. This is why it is important to be careful and to keep away of any raccoon in case it may be rabid. The rabid raccoon will not show any sign of fear to the humans and it may also attack anything they see and this includes the pets or inanimate objects.

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