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An analysis of inhumane glue traps for mice

There are different kinds of traps present in the market, which are used for capturing mice. Some of these intend only to capture the mice whereas others have been designed in such a manner that they kill the animal instantaneously. In all situations you can never regard killing of mice or subjecting animal to pain as humane activities so it is best to avoid them. Some of the most common traps that are used for mice are as follow
  • Snap Traps
  • Glue Traps
  • Electric Mouse trap
  • Live capture mousetrap
  • Bucket mouse traps
  • Disposable mousetraps
Glue traps are regarded as controversial and most of the times experts forbid using these kinds of trapping techniques because they are cruel and inflict a lot of pain on the poor creature.

The working of glue traps

Adhesive substances such as synthetic rubber, glue or mineral oils are stuck upon board and after this trap is given a special treatment where flavor of food is added for luring the mice. When mice come into contact with the trap they get stuck and are immobilized the glue present on the surface of trap will either rip away patches of skin or worse can suffocate the animal to death if the face gets stuck as well. Even if an animal survives it will starve to death because of being immobile. In simple words once a mouse gets stuck into a glue trap there are minimal chances for its survival present afterwards. Because of the above mentioned reasons glue traps are termed as extremely dangerous as they bring slow and painful death for the mice which can never be considered as a humane approach.

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These traps are offered in various sizes and shapes and those who want to use them can make selection keeping in consideration their requirements. Many times it has been noticed that large sized mice are successful in escaping, but they get severely injured during the whole process. The biggest drawback of glue trap is that mouse is not going to die at once in fact it will take a couple of days. Some die because of exhaustion, whereas others die because of starvation or suffocation. In all cases using glue trap is a cruel and inhumane approach and it should be avoided in all situations. Generally it is best to use a live trap for catching the mice and once the animal is captured it can be relocated to a safe place.

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