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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - How to inspect a house for house mouse entry holes

How to inspect a house for house mouse entry holes

You are never going to solve rodent problem especially mice problem in your property unless you will find out the way that is being used by these creatures for gaining entry into your house. Otherwise you will continue to remove mice and they will also appear consistently increasing your frustration level. Therefore for solving the problem you must eliminate the root cause. There are so many areas using which mice can gain entry into your house. They can use plumbing, sewers, windows, doors even small holes. They are physically capable of entering into a structure even via smaller holes so you should seal all the possible openings for mice. The best strategy in all cases is that you should check each and every vent, hole, opening, shed or crawl space vent for excluding the presence of mice from your property.

If there is a tile roof present in your house, then there will be tons of entry spots present there and you must be careful in recognizing each one of them properly. You may be thinking that How to inspect a house for house mouse entry holes? In this section we will highlight in front of you some of the easy to spot mouse entry points so that you can spend your time and energy at the right places during mouse hunt.
  • If you find a hole which has been chewed at end of gable intersection with roof then chances are high that it will be a hole created by rodent.
  • Edges of roof or any other place where roof is meeting roof cam be entry spot for the rodent so you should carefully inspect that region.
  • Chewed and opened ridge cap plugs also emerge as signs of mice invasion.
  • Rodents are even capable of chewing holes in wood so you must also consider inspection wooden walls and floors.
For checking roof points you will defiantly need the assistance of a ladder also we suggest that while inspecting you should use all the precautionary aids and tools. Cover your face and wear gloves because you never know from a hole mice can also bite. It is best to call professionals for your assistance if you want to get rid of the problem in a permanent manner. Inexperience and lack of tools can emerge as a bigger problem while dealing with mouse infestation. Covering and sealing all the holes as soon as possible is the best remedy.

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