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How to use one-way exclusion funnels to remove mice

Removing mice from a residence is a complex issue because of the way mice get into a residence, and because they procreate really fast. To those who do not want to kill these animals, but remove them in a humane way, the issue will become even more complex. The reason why the mice are so hard to remove from a residence is that they are naturally have tools to get where they want easily and that mice can also move through the intricate of environments because their immune system allows them to survive in the toughest conditions. Their bodies, legs, and teeth are also designed so that they can chew through almost anything and climb almost anywhere.

Beyond doubt, removing mice without killing or trapping them is going to be difficult. One of the ways animal lovers choose to do it is using one-way exclusion funnels. Exclusion funnels are constructed using mesh wire, and the purpose of them is to allow the mouse to leave the space but not allow it to go back. In case that they are set up properly, these tools are going to help in removing mice from a residence in a humane manner. However, these setups often fail in their purpose, and reasons for that are multiple.

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In order to set up a one-way exclusion funnel properly, one is going to need to make sure to have sealed and closed all the gaps that mice might use to get inside one’s residence, but one. Use this hole to set up an exclusion funnel. Ideally, this tool is going to allow all the mice in one’s residence to leave the residence, but not to go back in. In order for these to work, the mesh wire going to going to have to be firm enough so that mice can’t chew through it, and the hole of the funnel is going to have to be just big enough for mice to pass through, using no additional space. An idea behind exclusion funnels is to wait enough to make sure that all the mice have left the residence before closing the final gap. However, this type of exclusion carries certain risks, the greatest amongst them being that female mice might leave baby mice behind. In case something like this would happen, one is going to be at risk of mice remaining dying and decay in one’s residence.

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