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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What diseases do mice carry?

What diseases do mice carry?

Mice are not only irritating, but also troublesome they will damage your property and also will create a lot of mess, but the worst part is that house mice are capable of transmitting a variety of diseases. For centuries mice are known for acting as carriers and transmitters of various health related conditions so it is very much important that you should be aware of the health related hazards that are imposed by the invasion of these creatures. Especially if there are kids present in your house, then it is of extreme importance to identify the risks and take proper steps for elimination of mice from your property.

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In this section we will discuss some of the common diseases that are transmitted by mice so that readers can get a better idea and take proper steps.
  • Bubonic Plague: Mice get infected with this condition, but it is more common in rats. Nevertheless infections do occur and they can lead to serious kinds of complications. Fleas are responsible for the spread of disease to humans and it brings a variety of health related issues.
  • Salmonella: mice are common carriers of this and generally it is spread to humans by means of contact with droppings of mouse. In majority of situations it is spread when humans consume food that has been contaminated with mice. It is known for causing and serious form of gastroenteritis in addition to this, household pets also frequently get infected and as a result they die. It is a very serious complication related with invasion of mice.
  • Murine Typhus: This can be described as typhus that can be transmitted from mice by means of bite of flea. Antibiotic treatment is generally known to be effective for dealing with this condition, but it can lead to death in elderly or individuals with compromised immune systems. Some of the common symptoms are cough, headache and fever.
  • Rat-bite fever: This is another infection that can enter into your body after getting bitten from mice. The Bactria which is responsible for causing this disease also normally invades body after the consumption of food that has been contaminated with the urine of animal.
  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome: the infection caused by Hantavirus can even progress to the HPS and it can be very fatal. People normally contract this disease after establishing contact with infected rodents. Mice are included in list of rodents that spread this disease.

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