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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What can mice climb?

What can mice climb?

When it is related with invading houses mice can show an extremely creative behavior in fact they can sometimes amaze you with many of the special skills, which you normally have thought are not present in mice. You might have heard from others that mice can climb ceilings or walls etc. but this is a truth that there are convincing physical abilities present in mice and they possess the potential of reaching places that are difficult and out of your imagination.

From all the above mentioned points the question, which comes in mind is that what can mice climb? The proper answer to this question is that either a mice can climb or not depends upon the nature as well as material of the surface that is under consideration. You simply can’t deny the point that mice have the ability to climb, but potential to climb different surfaces varies and depends much upon the build of that particular surface. The small claws of mice are capable of latching onto any kind of surface that is uneven, porous or rough.

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You can consider the examples of walls that are made up of concrete actually have a good number of small sized sir bubbles present in them and these provide an appropriate rough surface for the mice to climb. In a similar manner wood finishing, shingles, stucco and siding etc. appear as great climbing surfaces for mice and they can easily climb in a vertical manner. On the other side glass surfaces don’t provide any opportunity to mice for climbing also surfaces that have a smooth paint present towards their exterior don’t give anything to grip so the claws of mice are unable to use them for climbing.

Apart from walls mice can also use many other different structures for climbing and invading your house. Any kind of wire or cord running along a wall can be used by mice for gaining entry into your house. The paws of mice can establish a tight grip around cords and tails provide balance and support to the entire body, which saves mice from falling down. Mice are small in size also they have much weight so they can easily climb wires and cords. Mice normally prefer to move inside walls because they not only stay hidden, but also find a variety of structures like wiring, pipes, insulation etc. for climbing so you must always consider this point.

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