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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - How to find and remove a dead house mouse

How to find and remove a dead house mouse

House mice can enter into the house for a variety of reasons. Most of the times they seek food and shelter from your property, but in all cases you simply can’t allow them to live inside your house and extend their families. Keeping in consideration the situations most of the homeowners prefer to use poison for killing mice and other related creatures although this is not a recommended practice. The problem with poisons is that it causes mice to die inside your house and it really gets to locate their dead bodies afterwards. In addition to this, mice or rats invading your house can die for a variety of reasons like age or electric shock etc.

The main question is that How to find and remove a dead house mouse? The biggest sign associated with the presence of a dead mouse is that its dead body emits a strong odor, which is unbearable. Normally mice die behind refrigerators and in other areas such as walls and cabinets but in all cases you will have to locate the rotting dead body as soon as possible. Mice that die inside walls can’t be accessed easily because they are stuck at complicated locations. It is best that homeowners should follow the odor and locate the dead body because there is no other stronger indicator than this. If you are thinking about removing the dead mice all by yourself, then you can get no other better sign than bad odor.

In addition to this, there are other different kinds of signs presented which you can notice for example if you notice that blow flies are increasing in number or green colored flies are appearing again and again, then it is again a sign that dead mice is present in your property. You can also follow these insects for reaching the rotting dead body.

Once you are successful in finding the dead body next step is to remove the body. Now when you are picking up the dead body it is best to be careful. You should always wear protective gloves. Disinfectant should be sprayed upon the dead body and the areas that are surrounding it. Carefully pick up the rodents with protected hands and put it in a trash bag. The bag containing the dead body or any other debris should be disposed appropriately so that no further damage can be inflicted. If you still find it difficult to manage things, then call professionals.

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