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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What to Do If I Find a Dead Dog?

What to Do If I Find a Dead Dog?

Many people are unprepared when they discover a dead dog. They don’t know what to do, especially if it is their pet. If you are one of them, then below are some of the things you need to do to remove the dead dog from your property.

Assess the Situation
You need to make sure that the dog is already dead. If there are any doubts about the condition of the dog, take it to the local veterinarian. They can determine if the dog is dead or if they can still revive it.

You can also try to look for a heartbeat to determine if it suffered a cardiac arrest. If it is your pet, perform CPR if you think that the dog is still alive. If it is a stray dog, administer other forms of first aid. If you are certain that the dog is already dead, you can take the body to the veterinarian and ask for assistance.

Ask for Help
If the dead dog was your pet, it will be a difficult situation for you. You should not handle it on your own. It is best to contact a family member or friends who can help you deal with your pet’s remains, as well as provide you with emotional support. It is better to have someone with you to handle the body of the dog when you can’t do it physically and emotionally on your own.

Call a Veterinarian
If you found the dead dog during normal business hours, call the vet’s office to help you through the process of disposing of the body. The veterinarian can also provide you with contact numbers of a person who can pick up the body of the dog, such as a mobile vet service or a pet crematory.

If it is your pet, the veterinarian’s office can store the body for a day or two while you decide on aftercare arrangements. The office can also refer you to a local company that can do pet cremation and other aftercare services.

Handling the Dead Dog
If you plan to bury the dog on your own, you can’t do it right away. You need to ensure that the body is stored properly. If you want the dog to be cremated, then you also need to store the remains.

Keep in mind that most pet crematories have a 24/7 hotline for emergencies. You should remove the dead dog from your property as soon as possible because the body will decompose right away. It can give off a foul stench and attract insects. The decomposition rate is faster when the temperature is hotter.

When handling the dead dog, wear gloves. You should also use a towel, blanket, or a bed sheet to wrap around the body. You should also use a heavy-duty plastic trash bag. If it is a stray dog, you can contact a local wildlife removal company to get rid of the body.

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