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Humane Ways to Get Rid of Beavers

Beavers are hardworking and master dam builders but what they do not realize is that some places do not require dams. For this reason, they tend to be uninvited guests that may cause you a lot of problems to you once they are set and start building. Beavers are not in the list of most dangerous critters, but they can be destructive without your immediate knowledge. This is why you need to get rid of them before they cause losses to you. Here are some of the humane ways to do this.

Setting up Traps
Beavers do not invade in huge numbers which is why it is very easy to trap and relocate them. The first step is to check and know the number that you are dealing with so that you are not wasteful when buying traps. You can set them near where they are building then go to check after a while. A clamshell trap is one of the most effective in capturing and securing beavers so find a couple of them and set them up in different places.

This works in the case of a pond that you have where you can easily mount a fence around it to keep the beavers out. Beavers are not climbers, so you do not really need a very high fence, but it should be high enough so as to keep other critters out. A wire fence of about five to six feet should do the job. However, if the beavers have already gained access to the pond, you will need to set up the traps.

Exclusion means finding out ways to make the habitat unfriendly for beavers. This is usually done by destroying the structure that had been constructed and getting rid of the materials used. Once you have relocated the beavers, there is a chance that they may return and that is why exclusion is so important. By destroying their habitat, you may discourage them from going back there, and they may instead look for somewhere else to build. It is important to remember that they may still come back to rebuild, so it is your duty to keep destroying till they get the idea and move on elsewhere.

Wrap Trees and Branches
If they do not have the material needed to construct, it is likely that they will not camp there. This is why you should take time to wrap trees using wire mesh and clear away any fallen branches that can be used. By doing this, you are making it difficult for them to complete their work hence they may not be so motivated to continue constructing and move on.

Although beavers are not very dangerous to human beings, they can attack and injure you, so it is not wise to approach them if they are not trapped. You can also do some counter building by putting drainage systems that will get the dam leaking hence discouraging their progress. Remember to be as humane as possible in your efforts since beavers are an important part of the eco-system.

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