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Will repellents get a bat out of the attic?

If you have bats in your attic and you don’t want to harm or kill them you might be considering one of the bat repellents currently talked about in the market today. Just say No! There is no such thing as a magic potion that will act as an effective bat repellent. You are not going to find any secret device, mystical potion, or sure fire all natural remedy that will make bats suddenly leave your attic and never return. Nothing in your kitchen pantry, laundry room cabinet, or garage shelves is so offensive that they are going to immediately leave and never return. The only way you will effectively rid yourself of bats is to follow a logical plan of pest eradication that uses a proven step by step method of clearing the current infestation, identifying the areas of access, and taking preventative measures to assure that re-infestation does not occur.

A professional animal removal service is your best bet for a hassle free solution, but it is possible to DIY. Learn about How To Get Rid of Bats with my how-to guide. You must first determine that it is a BAT problem. You can do this by visual identification of the bats or the greasy markings they leave as they enter and exit the attic. Now you should identify all the entrances and exits available. These can be no more than a small fissure in your soffit or a vent for your central air system. Again, the greasy residue left behind will be a tell tale sign. Once you have confirmation that it is bats set about observing their habits- specifically what time of day your guests leave.

After the bats have gone, seal up all of the openings you have found before they return. When they try to return and realize they cannot get in, they will have to hurriedly find another roost for the day. They may make further attempts, but if you have sealed the holes, it will be to no avail. Keeping a vigilant eye on the exterior of your home to keep all holes and cracks sealed will prevent another infestation and is an important part of your bat removal program.

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