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Will a pest control company remove wild animals?

Most homeowners have an exterminator that makes regular visits throughout the year to eliminate pests like roaches, spiders and mosquitoes in your home. The same service usually has yard control to eliminate termites, fleas, and ticks too. Home owners are prepared for this type of expense, but rarely think about what will happen if a family of ‘critters” like raccoons, rats, bats, or squirrels move into your space. Unfortunately your exterminator will be of little help! Pest control companies handle bugs and spiders; a professional wildlife removal service is needed to handle wild animals like tree squirrels, bats, raccoons, snakes, skunks, and the like. Most extermination companies are just not equipped with the proper equipment, knowledge, or skills to handle wild animals.

Often there are city, county, or state regulations involved in the removal, relocation, or extermination of wild animals. A wild animal removal service will be up to date on all local laws and regulations that apply to the creatures you are trying to get rid of. They will also understand each animal’s nesting, breeding, birth, and hibernation cycles. Professionals know the traps that work and where to place them for quick and safe removal. Not only can the take care of your animal problem, they can help you with preventative maintenance to control re- infestation. If Rats and mice are your problem, some companies specifically handle this type of invasion. Small rodents like rats & mice are unique as they are neither a, bug, nor are they considered “wild animals” by pest control companies.

Today there are a number of corporations on the market that specialize in “total pest control” which means they have crews that can handle anything from an ant to a wild cat with just one call. No matter what your infestation, if you want to “do it yourself” remember wild animal removal can be dangerous. Contact your local ag- extension agency or call a game warden for more information. You need to be armed with the right tools, and information to properly handle any wild animal. Many of them carry body pests like lice and fleas, or diseases that can be transmitted to humans. A frightened or corned animal will do most anything to protect itself or its offspring. When dealing with a wild animal, never take unnecessary chances!

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