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Do rodents chew pex or other water pipes?

Almost all rodents chew constantly. Their front teeth are perpetually growing, and as a result, they must chew all the time in order to wear them down. Their teething material of preference is natural woods (like trees). Often they live in an urban setting and they will happily substitute drywall, concrete, rafters, insulation, , paper, vinyl siding, plastic, electrical wires, and YES pex or PVC water pipes. As you can imagine this nothing but bad news for home and business owners. Drywall is costly to repair and time consuming. Chewed up the wood like your trim, siding, or support rafters not only looks unsightly, it can cause serious structural damage. Other problems can include shorts and Power outages, or fires caused by chewed wiring. Rodents have also been known to chew through pex and other water pipes causing flooding and septic issues. All these things are dangerous and costly.

Boxes of paper and your irreplaceable keepsakes stored in closets and attics are a favorite of rodents. Not only are these easy to chew, they make great nesting materials. The only way to prevent these problems is to rid yourself of rodents. If you think you have rodents infesting your home, the chewing is the least of your troubles. You are on the verge of other infestations like lice fleas, and diseases carried by Rodents. There are also their young, and the smell caused by their waste. Destruction of your home, and the things you hold dear combined with the constant scratching, squealing, and fighting noises is enough to drive anyone crazy. Getting rid of Rodents is not easy, so we suggest you call a professional.

If you are not yet infested, take Preventative measures. Make routine examinations of your homes exterior. Look for Rodent sightings or an indication of their activity. You may see chew marks, greasy black streaks, or rice shaped feces. Check any secreted spaces, especially if there are noises coming from there. Seal any holes larger that ½ inch inside or out immediately. These could allow access to your home for rodents. Staying alert to avoid rodent infestations is a full time job.

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