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How to get rid of pests in the attic

Getting rid of pests from your attic will require that you are sure of what type of pests has infiltrated your attic; you may also want to identify the shape, size and mode of operation of the pests before making an attempt to kill or trap the animal. You need to pay attention to the noises emanating from your loft, and identify the risks associated with the pest, especially when they are not eliminated. Wasps for instance, are can create a huge mess in the attic and such mess can be difficult to remove.

The type of pests you find in your attic will determine the type of removal methods you use. Since pests such as wasps, insects and smaller animals are very difficult to trap, it will be ideal to use pest control methods such as natural and lethal sprays that kill pests when such sprays are inhaled. Larger pests such as rats, squirrels and all other rodents or reptiles can be trapped successfully and relocated or killed. Lethal traps can be body-gripping traps that can grab the middle region or head of the animal and may not choke it to death.

Pests like birds and insects should be sprayed when inside the attic, but the better alternative is to use exclusion nettings, at every opening leading in and out of the attic. Larger pests should be excluded even outside of the attic; the use of electric fencing for instance can repel the animals from invading the attic. For smaller flying pests, hanging nests or traps can attract them and capture them within. Crawling pests will require the application of ground chemicals such as chemical sprays, but the uses of substances such as moth balls are temporarily effective as the pests may return or survive such applications.

The improvement, organization and maintenance of the home landscape is one of the best possible ways of preventing infestation by pests. Once the pests have been removed from the attic, you must perform a cleanup, by vacuuming the carcasses of the remains or droppings of the pests and then using enzyme cleaning agents to remove the odour and germs. Make improvement to your landscape by making your attic in-accessible for pests, this means, lowering your lawn and excluding your garage, yard, patio, and deck from external routes. Make sure you are aware of the seasons the pests found in the attic are most active, this will help you prepare before they infest the attic.

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