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How to get rid of critters in the attic

The presence of critters in the attic can result in a number of damages, most especially in and around the wiring, plumbing and the entire structure. In addition to the damages they cause, critters can cause a spread of numerous diseases to humans and pets. Consistent home maintenance and remodeling can be the best possible way to remove critters from the attic. For this reason, you must conduct routine inspection and take some precautionary measures to prevent the infestation of your attic by critters.

The first step you must take is to ensure that the animal has invaded your attic. You will discover that some of the critters have died inside the attic, thus, you must get rid of such and allow the animals to leave before setting your trap. Make sure you listen to the sound generated by the critters, if the sound is thumping, scurrying or rolling, especially during day time, then you may probably have rodents in the attic. Make sure you inspect the interior and exterior and pay attention to components such as roof line. Attic vents and chimneys must also be inspected because they are external parts where critters can enter.

To exclude critters from the attic, you must install exclusion materials such as vent covers, and steel screens. Vent cover can help prevent the critters from re-entering through the vent openings, while the screen cover can help prevent the animals from gaining entrance through holes in vents. Make sure you don’t use extremely small screen covers to ensure that air flow is not restricted. Try and install the screen within the fall and winter seasons, when most critters living inside the attic might have moved to hibernate.

Critters can access the attic through the chimney, especially when the chimney cap is not in place or has been broken therefore you must replace and install a new chimney cap immediately. Try as much as possible to remove all food sources from your yard and garden, likewise, all garbage cans must be tightly closed with a lid, to ensure that critters are not lured into your attic. Perform a cleanup to your property, make sure grasses and lawns are cut low. Try as much as possible to fix broken yard doors, and plaster all crevices and holes on concrete walls. You can install exclusion fences for bigger animals such as raccoons, and make sure you set traps at possible hideouts of animals.

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