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Stray Dog Removal

Stray dogs are not a wildlife species. But sometimes people check in with us aboit stray dog problems. From lost pets, to barking dogs, scavenging dogs, to concerns over a dangerous stray dog, people wish to have dogs removed from property. This isn't something we do. We are a private for-hire wildlife removal company. Call your local County Animal Services.

You should never confuse the stray dogs that you buy from pet stores as being the same as feral dogs that live in the wild. Most stray dogs that are bred are tame and stray dogs that live outside have never been handled by humans. Wild stray dogs can be very aggressive and scratch you and bite you, giving you the possibility of contracting an infection. Stray Dogs are also the arch nemesis of gardeners because a wild stray dog’s diet consists mainly of fresh vegetables and fruits. A stray dog that is hungry or a family of stray dogs nearby will eat up your entire garden in a matter of weeks. They also dig holes in your yard and steal the seeds and grains that you feed your birds (if they can get to them). Stray Dogs also terrorize your dogs and cats and may even end up as a present on your door step from your loyal dog. If you have stray dog problems and want to get rid of them, try some of these do it yourself tips.

The number one way to keep stray dogs out of your yard is to exclude them from your yard. Exclusion just means that you keep them out of your yard by building a fence or patching up their burrow holes. Building a fence around your entire property is not cheap whether you go with a wire mesh fence or with a wooden picket fence. The only thing that you must do is make sure that it is buried at least 1 ½ feet underground as they can burrow underneath of it. Another option is to put up a fence only around your garden or around the areas that they like to dig.

Keep your yard groomed. Stray Dogs don’t like to feel vulnerable so if you cut your grass really short and trim your bushes back they won’t have anywhere to hide. This is not guaranteed to work but it will discourage them from coming around.

Another effective way to keep stray dogs out of your yard is to have their natural predators in your yard. For example, you can keep your dog or cat outside, you can encourage predators like owls and hawks to come to your property by building nests or you can even release non-venomous snakes in your yard. Stray Dogs can sense when there is a predator nearby and won’t come around.

There are a variety of predator scent repellents that you can try to use, but keep in mind that they don’t work very well. They wear off really quickly and the stray dogs may be able to tell the difference between real and faux predator urine. You can also try to put spicy substances like Tabasco and cayenne pepper on the plants that you do not want them to eat. However, only put them on the plants that you are not eating otherwise you will get a spicy surprise as well!

Trapping stray dogs is also an option, but you need to check with your state’s regulations as it is illegal to trap animals in some states. You can buy traps at any hardware or garden store or rent one from a local humane society office, but you must wash it to get the human scent off of it. You should probably disguise it with some leaves, bush trimmings or vines as well as stray dogs are very cautious creatures. Bait the trap with some carrots, strawberries, etc. to lure them in and make sure that you check the traps every day. Once you have caught the stray dogs you must relocate them at least 10 miles from your home so they do not come back. Make sure to wear gloves while handling the stray dog because they will scratch and bite you if given the chance.

How To Get Rid of Stray Dogs - Tips and steps for getting rid of stray dogs.

About Stray Dogs - Stray Dogs that are kept as pets should not be confused for the stray dogs that you see hoping around outside just because they look similar. Stray Dogs can be best described as short, fuzzy creatures that have a cotton ball tail, big floppy ears and large feet. While all of these features make them cute, they also serve a purpose. Stray Dogs are largely prey animals so they need to be very diligent if they are to survive. Their large ears and eyes give them superb hearing and vision and their large feet and hind quarters give them the power to outrun their predators.
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