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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What are some humane ways to kill a squirrel in a cage?

What are some humane ways to kill a squirrel in a cage?

Killing of rodents such as squirrels can never be taken as a humane practice in all cases, but still you can’t allow the infestation to stay in your house for extended time period. As far as killing of rodents is concerned there are also legal issues which you have to keep in mind because state laws don’t permit killing of squirrels. However, if your state allows the practice, then still subjecting an animal to a painful death is never appropriate. You can at least take steps for subjecting the animal to minimal pain.

What are some humane ways to kill a squirrel in a cage? This question may come in your mind once you have captured the animal by setting a trap. There are different options present in this regard, but the most appropriate is to take the squirrel to a local vet who can do the job for you in a compatible manner. However, if you don’t want to take the squirrel to vet then below we will discuss some methods that can be adopted at home.

Asphyxiation by carbon dioxide is termed as the most humane methods for killing squirrels, but only when it is done in an appropriate manner. It is again suggested that vet who is trained can deal with this situation in the most appropriate way. The method is more related with mixing of baking soda along with the white vinegar for creating gas that can kill rodent.

Killing the squirrel with blunt force trauma is another option, but there is a serious kind of warning present if you are not sure about killing the animal with one blow, the think again and don’t use this strategy. The main aim present behind this method is to destroy brain of rodent with the help of one powerful blow with the help of a blunt object such as hammer. There is risk involved so you should be careful.

In case you are skilled with the firearms, then you can kill squirrel by shooting it from a distance. For this you should better use a small power gun with lower caliber. This method is more related with the fact that how good is your aim. Try to shoot at the head of squirrel so that it can die immediately.

In all cases your preference should always be to subject rodent to minimum pain and trouble.

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