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Will your homeowners insurance pay for squirrel damage?

Squirrels are in the family of rodents, and like all rodents, can cost homeowners huge amounts of money in damages to your house and yard. Squirrels most often cause damage by their constant chewing. They can chew up trees and plants, chew up your soffits and eaves to get in to your house, and destroy the wiring, water lines, and walls in your home . Squirrels can demolish your beautiful landscaping with their digging and chewing in a very short period of time. Excrement from squirrels nesting in your attic can ruin insulation and rot wood. The entry holes they chew through your roofs and soffits can let in the wind and rain causing even more damage to your home.

All this devastation can cost large amounts of money to repair. If you have comprehensive home insurance, you may be fortunate enough to have the damages covered! When a wild animal like a squirrel causes damages to your property, you may have a legitimate claim. A squirrel tearing through your garage rummaging through boxes and chewing up old photographs probably won’t be covered, but any structural damage to your home is, most likely, included in your coverage. If you find you have an infestation of squirrels, once it has been cleared, you may discover that your policy can help repair damaged roof and soffits from them chewing holes, as well as replacing insulation, drywall, paneling, and chewed wiring.

Unfortunately the damage from long term infestations or the waste they leave is usually excluded from your standard homeowner’s coverage. There are exceptions to every policy and it is best to check with your agent to review your policy and be sure that you have the best coverage possible for the area in which you live. Practice animal problem Prevention whenever possible. Maintain a neat and tidy yard and area around your home. Remove tempting nesting areas, don’t leave unattended pet food or standing water out, and keep trash properly contained. If animal damage is discovered, and you are lucky enough that your policy will cover it, make sure to file with your insurance company as soon as you discover the damage.

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