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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Is it safe to handle a squirrel with bare hands?

Is it safe to handle a squirrel with bare hands?

Squirrels can look cute, but they are the real trouble makers once they get successful in gaining access into your property. They will destroy the yard and make your kitchen their feeding place also a lot of mess and trouble is created with their presence. It is never easy to cope up with a live squirrel in your house especially when you like everything to be nice and clean. Dealing with squirrels is never easy and you have to be very much careful from trapping to relocating because these creatures can turn aggressive in self-defense.

The best option in all cases is to take trap squirrels by using live traps and a proper bait and once the animal falls into trap it should be relocated to a safe place away from your property. Now all this may sound simple, but actually the case is different and complicated to a greater extent. It is never easy to capture a squirrel and once this has been done the biggest question is that how you should handle the squirrel because it is important to make sure that not only the animal, but also you should not sustain any kind of injury during the entire procedure.

The big question is that is it safe to handle a squirrel with bare hands? The most appropriate answer to this question will be no because bare hands are always subjected to hard responses shown by squirrels so you have to be very much careful and must take proper steps for making sure that there is no trouble or complication to face afterwards.

When squirrels are captured by means of live traps they get enraged it’s a natural response and the animal will consider you its enemy from all sides. Even if you are locating the squirrel to a safe place still it will not understand your intentions so chances are always present that at the time of release squirrel can bite. Therefore you should always wear protective gloves before handling the squirrels. The gloves will not only extend protection to you from bites but will also save you from getting exposed to many other germs and contaminants that are present on the body of squirrel.

We suggest that you should try to avoid getting in these kinds of situations and it will be better to call professionals because they have all the necessary precautions with them and understand things better.

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