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How to keep squirrels out of my garden

There is nothing more annoying to a garden lover than having their crops and plants devastated by squirrels. All that devotion, passion, and energy put into maintaining your garden can be very easily ruined due to naughty nibblers desire to treat in your garden. However, squirrels are not only hard to be angry at, but they are also harmless and often protected by law. This means that you are definitely looking for a way to make your garden squirrel-proof as well as for those ways to be safe for the squirrels at the same time.

Before we look into suggestions and ideas for you to repel squirrels from your garden, let us shed some light on the reasons why the squirrels would attack your garden in the first place. One and the only reason you might find squirrels in your garden is the food. Squirrels are attracted to this variety of food just lying around unprotected and easy to reach, so it is only natural for them to follow their natural instinct and feed. This means that your actual goal is to make it unavailable to squirrels to get to the food if you want to see them gone.

One of the ways to achieve that, which you actually might find odd, is to relocate squirrels by allowing them to feed on another location, away from your garden. If you have no problem keeping them around as long as they don't devastate your crops, setting up a zone where the food will be laid out especially for squirrels might help.

The second, and actually quite simple way for you to repel squirrels from your garden is to get a large dog to guard it. Squirrels will quickly notice that the garden is no longer safe for them, and they will eventually lose interest in it.

Keeping your garden neat and clean is another way to keep the squirrels out. They are normally attracted to crops and seeds lying scattered across the bare soil, and picking these up on a regular basis may prove to be helpful with attracting fewer squirrels. To go back to our first suggestion, which was to set up a special place for squirrels to feed, you can use some or all crops you collect for this purpose.

If none of these mild squirrel-repelling strategies work, you are left with few more option. You can search for different squirrel repellents available online and in stores and install them in your garden. These repellents come in a wide range of products, from little to very aggressive, such as chemical repellents. Another way for you to repel squirrels is to exclude them by covering your plants and soil, which can be more or less practical for you depending on the size of your garden. Also depending on the size of your garden, fencing is another good strategy to keeping squirrels. If possible, lay out net cloth along the edges of your garden creating a wired fence.

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