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What should I do if I find a nest of squirrels in the attic?

What you do when you wake up one night in here skittering and chattering above your head? Check your attic for squirrels. Chances are of the female has decided that your attic looks like the perfect nursery. There are several different steps that you can take to eradicate these pests from your attic. Before you decide on your method of squirrel eradication, you need to make sure that it’s not and nesting female. There are couple sure fire ways to check for a nest. You can go up with the attic and search around for it, you can also set a live trap to catch the female and look for nipples. They be squirrels are not active until about six weeks of age so you will hear them running around. Once you determine that you do have a nest of babies you must determine your next course of action.

Even if you want to kill them, that is not a wise course of action. There really no poisons on the market designed to eradicate squirrels, and babies under six weeks of age won’t wander into a trap. Squirrels normally have 3 to 5 young. There are devices on the market such as sonic emitters or strobe lights designed to run the creatures off. The idea is to put it in your attic and the squirrel will be so annoyed that she will take her young and leave. You can set a live trap to capture her, and then remove the babies by hand.

The wisest move is to contact an animal control professional. If you contact an animal removal service, they will take care of everything for you. You will have to deal with bodies or live squirrels. A service of this type normally has a rehab facility that the mother and her young can go to. You should never try to relocate a squirrel on your own. Once you have illuminated your unwanted guests, you must locate their entrance and make sure it is properly sealed. The Last thing you want is another infestation. Be sure to clean the area thoroughly. Throw away any soiled insulation or other materials that cannot be scrubbed clean. We strongly suggest an enzyme based disinfectant /deodorizer.

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