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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Should I feed a baby squirrel I found?

Should I feed a baby squirrel I found?

If you happen to find a baby squirrel in your yard or a walk you might be inclined to try to save it. The best thing to do is to try to locate its nest and return it to its nest as quickly as possible. If you cannot find its nest or see its mother, look for an animal rehabilitation facility in your area and have them come and retrieve the baby. The animal rehab service is set up to receive babies of all types and has the tools and expertise to treat them properly. If it is an emergency situation and there are no rehabilitation personnel available, if you might have to take matters into your own hands. If you wish to take it upon yourself to try to and feed the squirrel on your own there are some things you should know. If the squirrel is pink and hairless, it is referred to as a pinky and is under three weeks old.

These infant squirrels are very delicate and prone to dehydration, and get cold easily. Always make sure pinkies are warm before feeding them or they cannot process the food. A pinky should be given electrolyte water and puppy or kitten formula. Always feed a squirrel this small with an eyedropper or needleless syringe. Feed him a drop at a time as they are prone to choking, which leads to liquid in the lungs, which leads to pneumonia, which almost always ends in death. Once a squirrel’s eyes are open they are usually able to eat small bits of food. Baby food, bits of nuts and seeds, and small pieces of fruit are suitable.

Never feed them anything with meat. They should also be able to drink water on their own. If the young squirrels has bar in its eyes are open, it also has sharp teeth and claws. It would be wise to wear long sleeves and gloves when handling a wild squirrel. Remember it is a frightened creature and doesn’t know if you intend to help it or hurt it. Keep in mind that most states have laws that restrict the keeping of wild animals. Even a tiny squirrel falls under Parks and wildlife’s jurisdiction.

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