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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - How to find and remove a dead squirrel in a house

How to find and remove a dead squirrel in a house

Creatures seem to find their way into your house at any given time of year. They are usually searching for available food and water as well as safe place to nest. Squirrels are especially bad about making your attic their nursery because of its relative seclusion. Unfortunately, Squirrels can die in your home, due to illness, traps, or natural causes. Squirrels are small enough to fit in very small spaces like the gap between walls, under appliances, or behind furniture and cabinets. Even something as small as a squirrel can stink if it is rotting in your hot attic. Finding and removing the body is important because it smells, and a can spread diseases or parasites, or attract bugs and other carrion feeders. Here is a guideline to safely locate and remove a squirrel carcass from inside your home.

Make sure you have the right tools! Most squirrels carry parasites and diseases when alive. The same can be true after death. Don’t breathe over their dead body or touch it with your bare hands! Always wear a breathing mask and goggles. Be sure to use disposable gloves. If a carcass has begun to smell, it is mostly likely become “squishy”. Protective wear will keep any juices out of your eyes and mouth. Have disinfectant like bleach, and an odor remover, bug spray, paper towels, rags, and plastic bags ready. First, find the source- If you set traps, look there. If you laid out poison, look towards the nearest source of water. If you know the location of a nest, check that too. Follow your nose! If the smell is most powerful in the heat of the day, check your attic or basement first. If it is only one room, start sniffing the walls. A breeze will carry the odors around, so the most concentrated area of smell is not always the body, but close. If the strongest concentration r is in an open area like an attic or basement, carefully look through all insulation, containers, and under large objects. If it is a closed in area like a crawl space or passage between walls, sniff until you locate the most powerful stench. If it is inside the wall, you will need to cut a hole. No matter where you find the body(s) spray for bugs and disinfect the area. If it already smells, you will find maggots carefully remove the body and seal it in a plastic bag for disposal. Spray the affected area again with the disinfectant and odor remover.

Wipe the affected area with paper towels to remove any secretions or mess left behind, and then uses disposable rags to scrub the area. Remove and dispose of any soft” surfaces the creature died on that cannot be cleaned. Dispose of the bodies properly to avoid causing harm or illness to any person or creature that could come in contact with the carcass.

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