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How do I clean squirrel feces out of my attic?

If you have ever experienced an invasion of squirrels in your home or on your property, you already know they can cause a great deal of damage. Damages caused by any rodent can be extremely expensive to fix because you not only have to deal with the wanton destruction caused by chewing and digging, but you must also deal with all the feces and debris left behind... Once you have managed to eradicate all the squirrels from your home, you must be sure to seal all openings to prevent re-entry. Now starts the clean-up operation. The most important part of clean-up is to dress properly, use the right equipment, clean thoroughly, and to disinfect the area.

You will notice the squirrels left large amounts of feces and urine throughout their space. Squirrels urinate almost constantly as they run around. They use their urine as a way to mark their territory to identify it to other squirrels. You may even have to replace insulation or carpeting to ensure you have disposed of all the waste matter. Remember to always wear protective clothing, a mask, and gloves to avoid contact with any waste matter. You should also ensure that the area is well ventilated. You are going to want paper towels or disposable rags, and bleach or an enzyme based disinfectant / odor remover.

Clean up all the feces that you can by sweeping and picking it up. Use your disinfectant/odor kill to soak the area for a few minutes before wiping dry. You may have to repeat this procedure. Be sure to pull out any soiled materials that cannot be scrubbed, like insulation. You should place all droppings, debris, dirty paper towels, gloves and mask in a plastic bag that can be sealed and dispose of it in an outside container. Once you have cleared, cleaned and disinfected the area, and disposed of the trash, launder your clothes, and wash your hands, face, and any exposed skin with plenty of soap and hot water. Cleaning the area thoroughly not only rids the space of smell that are unpleasant and can actually attract other creatures, but lowers your risk of any disease carried in the squirrel waste matter.

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