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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Do squirrels chew on wood in or on a house?

Do squirrels chew on wood in or on a house?

A squirrel, no matter how cute or friendly, is just a rodent with ever- growing teeth and very bad habits that can cost you money and cause great aggravation. A squirrel can drop your home’s curb appeal and value by wrecking the exterior with holes and scratches, damage your roof by chewing up eaves and soffits, and endanger the structure of your roof and walls by chewing support beams. No matter what type of structure your home is, it more than likely contains a lot of wood. Squirrels have to constantly chew to keep their teeth ground down, and love to chew on wood. While they really fancy trees and bushes, they will more than happily chew on any structure available to them as well.

They will chew through siding and trim to make a doorway to your attic, chew through rafters and supports that are in their way as they build a nest in your insulation, and chew through the crates that contain all your family’s precious memories to find soft materials to line their nest with. The will chew through a door or trim board to get to food and water, and chew through your outside skirting to get under your house, in fact , they will chew just because they are bored. If you are the victim of a squirrel invasion, you are in for long and drawn out standoff between you and a furry tailed robber that will out maneuver you at every turn.

The only way to be free of a squirrel’s constant destruction is to get rid of the squirrel. It might sound easy, but my advice to you is to hire a professional wildlife removal service to face off with this scrappy little pest. A professional service has the tricks and tools to do the job fast and return your home to you! Best part is you have no bodies to dispose of or squirrels to relocate, and they can help you avoid another infestation too!

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