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How To Get A Squirrel Out Of The House

Squirrels are almost everywhere in the United States. They are curious and they are fast and sometimes they can get in our homes. Sometimes they come inside because it can make for a great nest for them and sometimes they come in by accident. When they get in without trying to establish residence in the attic they can occasionally be a little force of destruction inside the house. If they are scared because we are trying to get them out or because a household pet sees them as a toy then they may run all over and knock down some of the decorations or electronics inside the house. So how do you avoid the breaking of household items and avoid losing some of your prized possessions? Keep reading for some ideas to get that squirrel out of the house.

Keep That Critter In One Room - If you see the squirrel come into the house and it is in a room you can close off, then try to keep it in that room. If there is a door that leads to other rooms then close it and make sure that the squirrel can have access to a path out of the house. The reason why this is important is that you can then give the squirrel a way out. That can be through the front door or a window that leads directly outside. If you open a door or a window there is a chance that you will not have to do anything else and after a few minutes the squirrel will head outside without your help. The squirrel does not want to be in the same room as you so it is a good idea that you remain in the room while you wait for the squirrel to get out. You can also try to lead it outside with your body. A squirrel will naturally want to head away from you so if you get your body positioned right it will head in the direction of the exit.

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Catch The Squirrel - This process can be a bit tricky because the squirrel can be fast and much more agile than any human could ever hope to be. But it is possible if you to use a towel or blanket. You could wear gloves if you feel that it is necessary. A squirrel may scratch and bite so take those precautions if you want to, occasionally the towel will in most cases be enough. What you want to do is trap the squirrel in the towel by throwing it or placing it on top of it and then picking it up. Some people have suggested buckets, but that is really not a good idea because you can harm the squirrel, not to mention that you will have no real easy way of keeping the squirrel in the bucket.

Get Help - Though you should have no problem getting a squirrel out by using the previous two methods there is a chance that the squirrel will decide that it is too afraid to leave your house. It may instead look for a place to hide, or go to a nesting area in your home. When that happens is when it can become a bit of a challenge to get them out. Eventually it will want to leave but you do not have the time to wait for the squirrel to get hungry. In those rare cases you may want to consider using a trap. This will likely get the animal out of the house without the possibility of damaging your home or belongings. You may use bait to entice the squirrel out of their hiding spot and into the trap. You then will also want to release the squirrel outside.

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