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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Why do snakes bite?

Why do snakes bite?

One of the things that make humans fear snakes is the fact that they can bite. With so many venomous snake species out there, you dint want to be bitten by a snake,. So why do they really bite? Is it just a necessity or do they have a reason at all.

The fact of the matter is that snakes always have a reason when they bite. However, you should note that you may not be able to understand the reason in a clear manner all the time, there are some snake bites that occur as the snake defends itself. There are also some that are given mistakenly. If you own a pet snake, the snake may confuse your hand for food because it is warm or if you forgot to wash hands after handling rats and other things that snakes consider as food. Snakes don't have very good eyesight.

There are bites that can occur inexplicably. These kinds of accidents are very rare though but they are worth noting especially for people who own snakes as pets. Regardless of whether the snake is domesticated or wild, it has a mouth and is capable of biting. You may not be able to pinpoint the exact moment of the bite but it does happen.

When it comes to defense, you need to know that the snakes will defend themselves but not the territory. There are only a few species of snakes that find it necessary to guard and defend eggs. However, when away from the clutch, the behavior switches off instantly. Snakes will jot bite their competitors or when they feel angry. The mouth si the only defense that the animal has and it is used when the snake feels that there is a need to so as to drive a way something that may be frightening to them.

The exotic snakes can bite if they aren't handled in the correct way or when they are able to get away from the cages.

When you are in tropical countries, you may be at risk of encountering a snake bite. Sometimes the symptoms are very clear especially when you are bitten by a snake which is venomous.

A snake bite can also occur if you step on a snake as you walk. You can also be bitten of you provoke the snake deliberately by trying to pick it or striking it.

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