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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Can you use a trap to capture a snake?

Can you use a trap to capture a snake?

In case you find a snake hanging in your chicken coop, around your garden or basement, using a trap and releasing it somewhere very far is the most efficient and most importantly a humane method to handle such a situation.

The good thing with traps is the fact that they are cheap; you can either use a minnow trap or a high-tech snake trap it works better. However before catching it with your trap, you have to follow some steps as shown below.

Identify the snake if you can
After sporting the snakes or snake you want to catch, it's always vital to find out the type of species that you may know what you are getting into. By doing so, it will aid you in selecting the exact trap as you decide how gingerly you ought to take care of it immediately it's in your care.

Additionally, you may as well trap venomous snakes by yourself although you need to take excess caution while doing so. On the other hand, if your pets or children are around and maybe you are worried that they can be bitten, the only option is to contact wildlife control unit to come and assist you to catch the snake.

Get a glue trap
This is one of the most familiar types of trap you can use to capture a snake and it has proven to be very efficient and humane. All traps come in both big and small sizes, and they commonly seem to be like boxes that you set up where you regularly see the kind of snake you are attempting to trap.

Conversely, snake traps habitually come with bait already fixed to entice the snake inside. Whereas the snake creeps in, it will get wedged to the glue lining the floor of the trap. Immediately you catch the snake, open the trap as you pour oil all over the snake that it can get slack and slide away.

Try a minnow trap
It's one of the best options in case you have very many snakes to deal with and most especially if you do not feel like buying new glue for a glue trap. This type of traps is cylindrical in shape and made of wire mesh, also with holes at each end that invert within the trap.

Finally, set the trap in a strategic place. Whatever trap you have chosen to use, well just set up in a place where there have been snakes before, for example, frequent places like, basements, chicken coop, gardens and the attic.

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