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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - How do snakes sleep?

How do snakes sleep?

Snakes produce a horrifying impression upon onlookers because they continue to glare without blinking. You may assume that snake is angry and thinking about the right attacking position, but this is not always the case because snakes can’t blink as they lack eyelids. You don’t have to think that they are curious in fact they don’t exhibit the quality of blinking because of lack of eyelids. You may be thinking now that if snakes can’t blink, then how they sleep. It is obvious that snakes sleep because no animal can continue to live without getting proper sleep, but with snakes you can say that they sleep with their eyes open. When it is about snakes finding difference between awake and asleep is something that can’t be termed as obvious.

You are never going to see a snake with both eyes closed because they don’t have eyelids, but this is not something, which interferes with the sleeping capability of snakes because brain not eyelids are used for the regulation of sleeping mechanism in snakes. They sleep with eyes open and most of times you may be thinking that a snake is glaring at you, but in fact it will actually be asleep unaware of events taking place in its surroundings. When snakes feels the need to sleep it simply lie down as there is no need to initiate any process by shutting eye lids.

In humans eyelids are also involved in the defense of eyes from external hazards. Snakes don’t have eyelids, but this in no sense means that there will be no defense mechanism for their eyes present. There are special structures present that are termed as transport scales. This layer not only plays its part by providing defense to the eyes of reptile, but also they don’t let their eyes to become dry.

So from the above discussion it is clear now that although snakes don’t have the ability to blink they can sleep easily with their eyes open because brain is involved in the main sleeping process. Therefore, next time you see a snake glaring at you then don’t worry as there is no need to panic as the poor creature itself can’t blink the eye. In all cases you have to be extremely careful while dealing with snakes because they are dangerous creatures and only well trained individuals should get in touch with them. Snakes don’t blink, but yes they are dangerous.

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