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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What to do if you find a shed snake skin

What to do if you find a shed snake skin

Snakes are creatures that instill in us a fear that is so deeply rooted and not many animals can be able to match this. Other animals also tend to put snakes in a very special category. Lots of wild animals recognize snakes and consider them as threatening and there are monkeys and birds that have a very special vocalization whenever a snake is spotted.

This is persecution and anyone who knows a lot about snakes can tell you that it is not really necessary to commit those violent acts whenever the snakes are sighted. The snakes suffer a lot from habitat changes and they are also isolated whenever their natural land becomes broken up by different developments and this is how they move to terrains that may be unfriendly. Lots of snake species are disappearing quite rapidly from suburbs and cities and this has lowered the number of conflicts between them and humans .

Shed skin
If you find a shed skin within your home or property within your home, it means that there is a snake around. Snakes can cause some problems but they are few. The larger species can cause issues around the poultry houses, snakes are not a threat to pets or humans unless they are venomous. However, this is not something that people who fear snakes take lightly. It is not easy to convince most people that some snakes are actually harmless

If you encounter a snake outside your property, the best thing is to leave it be. You should also try to identify the snake species and then leave the snake alone unless it is inside the building or it is venomous.

If you don’t spot the snake but rather come across shed skin, then an expert can be able to identify the kind of snake it is and then offer solutions that will help you eliminate it. The shed skin can be found within the building or outside in the property. Either way, you need to act. If you choose to have someone identify the skin, you should make sure that the skin remains as intact as possible and get it identified soon.

If the shed skin is that of a venomous snake, then it becomes a whole different matter and it has to be taken really seriously. You need to remove the snake so as to ensure that you, your family and pets don’t get hurt. You don’t have to kill the snake necessarily. There are live traps that work well. Get a pro to handle the matter for you.

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