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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - How to find and remove a snake in your attic

How to find and remove a snake in your attic

It is very possible for snakes to make their way into your attic and so this should not come as a surprise to you. They achieve this by simply climbing. Snakes like the yellow rat snake can be able to make their way into the attic with great ease. Some of these snakes aren’t venomous but most people prefer not to have the snakes anywhere within or without the house. When baby snakes are born within the attic, they can be able to go everywhere within the house.

In most of the cases where snakes have been found within the attic, there are also rodents there and that is what attracts them to the attic in the first palace. In most cases, the rodents in question are rats. Rats usually leave an odor that is very distinct and the snakes are able to follow the rat trails all the way into the attic and here the hunt. As long as there is adequate food supply, the snake will not leave you attic. Snakes are able to fit in very small spaces and so can enter anywhere the rat is. You will have to solve an issue with the rodents first before you can think about the snake.

As with many other wild animals, education is the key to dealing with a snake problem. You can know that there is a snake within the attic if you hear noises. You may hear slithering in the attic. Snakes can also leave snake skins and this is evidence that a snake was or is actually up there. Snakes can be found in the attic at any time of the year but they will be more active over the warmer times.

Finding a snake in the attic can be really tricky. This is because the snakes don’t leave lots of debris or droppings from the activities within the building. However, so as to find the snake, you will have to think like one. Snakes don’t want to be in the house but do so because there is food. When scared, the snake will look for the best spot to hide in. they will most definitely try to hide under insulation or down the walls. If there are any dark crevices in the attic, this is where you need to look. It can be a really hard task when you browse the entire attic. Regardless of the size, your pet can be really helpful in finding a wild invader. Once it is located, make sure that the pet doenst try to eat the snake. A snake trap is the best way to find the invading snake and removing it.

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