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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Where should I relocate a trapped snake?

Where should I relocate a trapped snake?

To some people after catching or trapping a snake, the trouble of where to move it to is a problem. On the other hand to some; they prefer the idea of taking care of them as pets however the HSUS do not recommend snakes to be considered as pets.

To several snake experts, they do not encourage people to kill them either. Therefore, you will have to think carefully and Cleary on where to relocate it to, more importantly taking into consideration the rules and laws governing the county you are living in.

Even if public health practitioners say snakes are not known to being able of transmitting any illness to human beings, they also not suggest that they should live together in the same compound with humans.

Conversely, killing a trapped snake will be utterly inhumane so the best alternative is to call the authorities responsible and they will advice you on what to do with it or even where to take it.

You should as well find out the kind of a snake you have trapped before looking for any solution since some of these snake species are very dangerous, therefore considering the risks and many other reasons are so vital. However killing them should not be an option, not unless it's a venomous type.

Another option that can also work in many circumstances is taking it to a distant place, a faraway place where you are sure nobody will get hurt including pets as well. Dispose the snake and let it go its way by doing so at least you have neither the snake itself or even anyone around you and yourself too.

This helps a lot in cases where it's your first time to encounter a snake and perhaps the wildlife control experts are not available or even far. You will prevent yourself from breaking the law or what's more killing the snake.

Subsequently, moving snakes to unknown terrain might compromise their likelihood of living therefore if possible, better contact animal control agency or authorities like wildlife control units that they may advise you regarding the right place to take it. Furthermore, they will also impact more knowledge on you that supposing another similar incident occur; you will be able to handle by yourself whether the experts are around or not.

And the main thing is prevention; always avoid reasons that attract snakes to your house or property so that you will not be a victim since they are dangerous animals that require immediate solutions.

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